Father Davey O'Connell


Agility 35 Movement* 35
Strength 40 Prowess* 40
Stamina 38 CQC 19
Focus 60 Research 30
Personality 80 Comm. * 80
Willpower 70 Interview 35
Dexterity 45 Fieldcraft* 45
Perception 55 Investigation 28
Reflexes 50 Ranged W. 25
STU 11

Counselor Beginner (Interview+15)

The Art:
School of Communicative Art (Personality) – Follow the Strings [intuit target’s motivations, turn a light token dark to intuit target’s intent; can function as a High Success on STU on a target)
Calm (Beginner) [integrates one level of Trauma, Major or lower, either over a scene or recovery OR in one round but draining Willpower from the target equal to the activation cost]

School of Protective Art (Focus) – Disrupt [turn a token dark to interrupt the Art or the Evil Way on a target you can see or touch for one round]
Blessing (Beginner) [activate to increase the result of a see-or-touch target’s next check by one level]
Mental Shield (Beginner) [activate to ward a see-or-touch target against the Evil Way’s influences for a scene; may be contested by turning a token light]
Sphere of Protection (Beginner) [activate to create a ten-foot radius sphere that is impenetrable, which forces Unknown out and interrupts Evil Ways active within the area, but which prevents other action or movement; lasts 1 round, can be maintained for 15 Willpower each subsequent round]

Highly Attuned (1 CP)
Hopeful (1 CP) (add 15 to Horror Resolve checks)
Background: Catholic priest (add 30 to relevant target number) (3 CP)
Crisis Counselor (2 CP) – can integrate one level of Trauma in another envoy from the current case during a recovery period.
Peace of Mind (2 CP) – regain twice the normal amount of WPR during a transition (10→20) or recovery (half→full).

Reluctant to Harm (-2 CP)
You automatically incur the lowest open Trauma level if you kill or seriously harm a human. If you harm or kill a creature that looks like a normal human but you know it is from the Unknown, check Resolve with a Serious Trauma Rank—telling yourself you killed a monster doesn’t make them look any less innocent.
Hunted (-2 CP)

Drive: to save humanity, from its own sin if that’s the case

Drove off a malevolent controlling spirit from a confessor (arcane)
Lied to an innocent about an Unknown monster (personal)
Was humbled by the consideration of sins and exposure of his own (personal)


Father David O’Connell, or “Father Davey”, is the fellow you want to talk to. He doesn’t usually have much else to do, after all; his humble parish in Boston is small and getting smaller. Sometimes he hears odd things from the other side of the confession screen, from souls too troubled to stop themselves. After one such disturbing confession, he went against his better judgment and followed the repentant parishioner home. He discovered something horrible infecting this member of his flock — something Unknown. After hurriedly performing an exorcism, the malevolent presence fled, but not before lashing out somehow. It wounded Father Davey… and killed his parishioner. The guilt remains with the priest to this day, but it also inspired a terrible need to know more, and eventually his research and questions led him to cross paths with SAVE. He’s far from the most competent combatant on the Silver Way, and he’s more than a little hesitant to harm something that could be human, but his gentle, welcoming demeanor and the alacrity with which he’s learned the Art have made him a great asset to envoys in Boston, preserving their minds and souls against the darkness.

Father Davey O'Connell

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